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Program Calendar

January   Official notification of admission
 Spring Semester   Enrollment in India program pre-departure course
 April 4-6:    Pre-departure orientation
 Spring & Summer    Reading and library research preparation for Independent Fieldwork Project (IFP)
 Aug 23:    Departure from New York City
 Aug 24:    Arrive in New Delhi, India
 Week 1:    Delhi
 Week 2:    Dehra Dun, Mussoorie and Delhi
 Week 3-9:    Jaipur
 Week 8:    Semester Break
 Week 10:    Pushkar and Agra
 Week 11-13:    Varanasi
 Week 14:    Bodh Gaya
 Week 15:    Amritsar/ Delhi
 Week 16:    Delhi and final presentations