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Faculty Director – 2017


Dr. Chandreyi Basu

Prof. Chandreyi Basu

Dr. Basu trained as an historian and art historian in India and Italy before earning a Ph.D. in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania. She is interested in researching issues of identity formation, gender, patronage and cross-cultural interaction in ancient Indian art. She has written a catalogue and several essays about early Buddhist sculpture from northwestern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and she regularly conducts fieldwork in Mathura, a small town located 90 miles southeast of Delhi. Her current research focuses on the beliefs and lifestyles of cattle and sheep herders and their impact on religious art in ancient Mathura.

Her courses on Buddhist Art, South Asian Art, and Gender Issues compare art cross-culturally. She also teaches a course that examines the Taj Mahal as an icon of Islamic Architecture. She traveled to Thailand with students from her Buddhist Art and Ritual class in 2003 and she has been involved with the NYSICCSI program since 2001.

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