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Faculty Director – 2016


Dr. Matthew C.J. Rudolph
Dr. Matthew C.J. Rudolph
Dr. Matthew Rudolph teaches and studies in the areas of political economy and military issues with a comparative focus on China and India; including connections with South Asia, Greater China, and US policy in Asia. His work is based on the premise that security should be defined broadly to encompass economy, international society, military security, and technology. His research approach blends international and domestic factors, emphasizing political institutions and political elites.

Dr. Rudolph has worked on security politics and arms control in Asia; the international political economy of finance and development; and U.S., Indian, and Chinese foreign policy. He is Director for Global Engagement at Ubuntu at Work, an NGO that focuses on women’s livelihood issues in low-income environments including India. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Cornell University and has taught at Princeton University, the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA), and at the University of California (Santa Cruz), Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins SAIS, San Francisco State University and at the University of Wyoming.

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